Learn About Becoming a Franchise Owner.

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Learn About Becoming a Franchise Owner.

The Ideal Franchise Owner Could Be You

The New Year has begun! A time of renewal, reflection, and sometimes a full reset. Maybe you have wondered… “Am I still happy in my current position?” Or, “Is there a better use of my passion and experience?” Or even, “Have I hit a wall when it comes to earning potential at this company?”

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Often, what underlies these questions is some sense of general dissatisfaction with your current situation. Most professionals, as they mature in their field, start to crave more freedom, control, and respect

The good news is that the right opportunity – one that builds on your experience and can provide more flexibility and autonomy – may be waiting for you in the form of a franchise business. The ideal franchise owner could be you!

You’ve never considered that you may be an ideal fit for a franchise business? Maybe it’s time you did a little more research on unique owner-operator franchises like Owl Be There®! Your chance to upgrade your life and career for the better could be right around the corner.

But where do you start? It’s well known that there are thousands of franchise concepts on the market today, so how will you find one that’s right for you? Thankfully, this is one area where franchisors may be way ahead of you. 

You might be searching for the right business opportunity, but franchisors like Owl Be There are simultaneously searching for the right prospective owners. And smart brands have already developed a list of personal attributes that match up well with their specific franchise opportunities.

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“Hoo” is Owl Be There?

Owl Be There is a home-based, low-cost franchise opportunity. We’ve recently been recognized in the franchising industry as one of the best franchises to own, as well as one of the Fastest Growing Franchises in the U.S. 

We are building our network of senior care referral specialists in response to the booming senior care market. What we do is ultimately simple – helping seniors and their families find the best senior living and care options to meet their unique needs and budget. And we’ve been expertly assisting families in this regards for the last decade.

The customized set of options we provide to senior adults and their families may consist of one or more of the following:

  • Independent living,
  • Assisted living,
  • Memory care / Alzheimer’s care,
  • Home care, or 
  • Temporary respite stays

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What Kind of Background is Needed?

If you happen to have senior assisted living or senior care experience, you will certainly have a head start on a successful senior placement business, thanks to the contacts and experience you’ve already cultivated. 

That said, thanks to our comprehensive initial training program and ongoing mentor-style support, specific industry experience in senior care or senior living is not required for you to be successful. 

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What We’re Looking For…

Owl Be There is looking for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are ready to take charge and start a rewarding career as a senior living advisor. More specifically, we want candidates who:

  • Are patient, compassionate, and empathetic toward seniors,
  • Possess leadership qualities and confidence,
  • Have a desire to motivate others to succeed,
  • Have high ethical standards and are eager to do the right thing. 

Most of all, what we at Owl Be There are looking for in our franchise owners is good business partners. As a brand, we take great care and consideration in the training and support we provide, giving you the tools and resources to succeed as a business owner. We develop strong business owners just as much as we provide “wise guidance” to seniors and their families.

We hope that you’ve seen yourself in the descriptions above, but if you’d like to take it a step further, please take a moment and click on the link below to complete our short quiz: 

Online Quiz: Are You Our Ideal Franchise Owner?

Give Us a “Hoot”

To discover the possibilities that come with being an Owl Be There franchisee, all you need to do is fill out the brief inquiry form here on our website or contact us at (218) 695-2273 (that’s 218-OWL-CARE)

If you, or someone you know, might be an ideal owner of one of the best senior placement franchise opportunities around, please contact us so we can share the many benefits of the Owl Be There franchise opportunity and our win-win philosophy.

We’re getting the message out about our game-changing business model, which can allow you to make a difference in the lives of so many seniors – and your own family as well!