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The Role of a Senior Living Advisor: Insights from Our Franchise Owners

A senior living advisor is an incredibly fulfilling yet demanding role that requires solid communication skills, empathy, and commitment. As the senior care industry expands, so does the need for skilled senior living advisors. In this blog, we will delve into the daily experiences of a senior living advisor and firsthand accounts from our Owl Be There franchise owners on the essential qualities that contribute to their success. 

Senior Living Advisor using his mobile phone and talking with potential clients.

What is a Senior Living Advisor?

Senior living advisors serve as trusted guides and advocates for seniors and their families, expertly navigating the complex world of senior living options. These professionals offer personalized recommendations tailored to their clients’ needs, preferences, and budgets. They collaborate closely with healthcare providers, social workers, and other experts to ensure a comprehensive approach to senior care solutions. 

Their role is necessary in facilitating a smooth transition to senior living by providing support with community tours and explaining the financial aspects of senior care. Ultimately, their main objective is to empower families to make well-informed decisions that improve the quality of life for their loved ones.

The Key Characteristics of a Successful Senior Living Advisor


The most important quality of a senior living advisor is empathy. They must deeply understand seniors’ and families’ emotional, physical, and mental challenges. By displaying compassion, advisors can build solid relationships and offer appropriate support during the often stressful decision-making process. Empathy also allows advisors to provide personalized recommendations that genuinely cater to their client’s needs and preferences.

Passion for Helping Others

Senior living advisors have an innate desire to help others. Their motivation to positively impact the lives of seniors and their families is evident in everything they do. This dedication drives them to exceed expectations and find the best solutions for their clients.

Strong Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are crucial in any professional relationship, and this holds especially true for senior living advisors. A senior living advisor must build trust with their clients and truly comprehend their individual needs. Clear and open communication lays the groundwork for a successful advisor and client partnership.

Problem-Solving and Organized

Senior living advisors must be skilled problem-solvers and highly organized. They encounter complex situations daily and must develop creative solutions to meet their clients’ unique needs. Strong organizational skills are essential for managing multiple tasks, meeting deadlines, and handling client inquiries effectively.

Here’s what our dedicated senior living advisors have to say about key skills that make them successful:

Someone who is willing to invest in making a difference in their community has strong ethics, and a desire to provide the gold standard of advice. Seniors everywhere need honest, caring help. Owning an Owl Be There business is a great way to provide that help in a knowledgeable and meaningful way.”

Staci Anderson, Owl Be There Franchise Owner Chandler-Gilbert-Tempe, AZ

An ideal candidate would be organized, compassionate, motivated, and patient. I believe an added benefit would be someone who has personally dealt with the challenges of an aging loved one.”

Lynda Krueger, Owl Be There Franchise Owner Tampa North, FL

In my opinion, the ideal candidate for an Owl Be There franchise opportunity is someone who has a heart for helping seniors, enjoys being around people, is friendly and well organized.”

Patrice Watts, Owl Be There Franchise Owner Katy, TX

A Day in the Life of a Senior Living Advisor

Throughout the day, a senior living advisor manages a variety of tasks. They conduct assessments to understand the unique needs of new clients, explore care options, and guide clients on tours of potential senior living facilities. These tours are essential for families to experience the environment firsthand and for advisors to address any concerns or questions that may arise.

senior living advisor meeting with clients and care providers on a zoom call to discuss the best care options for a client.

In addition to interacting with clients, a senior living advisor collaborates with healthcare providers and assisted living community managers to ensure exceptional care for seniors. They also participate in team meetings to share insights, discuss challenging cases, and stay updated on industry trends, regulations, and local facility availability.

Let’s take a closer look and see what our amazing senior living advisors say about their own day:

One thing I like about my job is that there really is not a typical day. I have a routine for Monday that includes setting up my in-person visits with referral sources and really planning out all parts of my week, including client meetings, marketing, networking, and outreach to my communities. I tour in person with my clients, so an urgent client could be my focus for several days. There are lots of details to manage in this business, so you need to allow time to focus on the big things but also keep up with the tasks of running the business.”

LuAnn Martinson, Owl Be There Franchise Owner NC Charlotte South

When you work in senior care, there is no typical day. This is what I enjoy about working in senior care.  I focus on prioritizing my day between external marketing and tours. For me, I find my best time to network is in the morning, then maybe some touring with families, a business lunch and potentially happy hour networking in the afternoon or evening. I coordinate my schedule using my cell phone, so I am able to do multiple things at once. I love what I do!”

K.C. Ryerson, Owl Be There Franchise Owner Frederick, MD

Considering Life as a Senior Living Advisor?

With Owl Be There, you’ll lead your own business while making a significant impact on the lives of seniors and their families as a senior living advisor. If you’re still unsure if this is the right career path for you, consider that Owl Be There offers:

An Established Brand and Support System

Owning an Owl Be There franchise offers the benefit of operating under a well-established brand with a proven business model. Franchise owners receive comprehensive training, marketing support, and ongoing assistance, minimizing the risks associated with starting a new business.

Opportunity to Make a Difference in the Community

Franchise owners have the chance to make a positive impact in their communities by assisting seniors and families in making informed decisions about senior care. This sense of purpose and fulfillment is a significant benefit of the role, one that you’ll experience daily!

LuAnn Martinson, an Owl Be There Senior Living Advisor, working an Owl Be There Booth at an expo.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance Unlike Any Other

Minimal juggling here! Franchise owners can generally schedule and manage their workload as needed. This convenience enhances the work-life balance, providing significant benefits for individuals who need flexibility due to family or personal commitments. 

Don’t take our word for it! Hear from some of our trusted senior living advisors:

After having spent a number of years at home raising my kids, I re-entered the workforce, only to find myself unfulfilled in the corporate grind. I was looking for a chance to grow my own business while serving the aging population in a way that allowed them and their families to transition into a very important phase of their lives.” –

Lynda Krueger, Owl Be There Franchise Owner Tampa North, FL

I wanted the flexibility of a home-based business and something with a meaningful purpose. I was also looking for a business that would leverage my background and talents. Owl Be There’s focus on ethics and quality first, and the honesty and integrity of the company culture were also very attractive. Having a heart for seniors and doing the right thing are key criteria for them, and that rang true for me and what I was looking for.”

Staci Anderson, Owl Be There Franchise Owner Chandler-Gilbert-Tempe, AZ

I would definitely recommend Owl Be There to others looking for a business opportunity where they can be successful while making a big difference because the Owl Be There opportunity provides just that. This is a valuable service to not only seniors – but to families and care providers as well.”

Patrice Watts, Owl Be There Franchise Owner Katy, TX

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