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Learn About Becoming a Franchise Owner.

Learn About Becoming a Franchise Owner.

The Ideal Franchise Owner Could Be You

Masked advisor meeting with a senior resident.

The New Year has begun! A time of renewal, reflection, and sometimes a full reset. Maybe you have wondered… “Am I still happy in my current position?” Or, “Is there a better use of my passion and experience?” Or even, “Have I hit a wall when it comes to earning...

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Leverage Your Passion to Help Seniors; Start a Franchise Business in 2023.

A person looking at the coming dawn of a new year.

Are you ready for a New Year with a New Career? Daydreaming about new opportunities to improve yourself and your situation in 2023?  January is usually the month when many of us resolve to be more, do more, and live up to our full potential. After all, a brand new...

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Franchisee Spotlight: Meet Owl Be There Owner Kimberly Roman

Kimberly Roman, Owl Be There's newest franchise owner.

In this edition of the Owl Be There blog, we have a special treat. We’re turning the spotlight on another of our valued franchisee partners, Kimberly Roman. She’s the newest member of our team and the franchise owner of Owl Be There of Wilmington-West Chester located in and around the...

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Idea of Work-Life Balance!

Owl Be There Founder's Circle Meeting

A lot of people think they have a decent work-life balance, but still feel burnt out, undervalued as an employee, or just plain bored with their career. What about you?  Does your personal wish list look something like this?   Despite the opportunity to work from home more frequently these days, many...

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Senior Placement Services are Booming; Owl Be There Responds with a Best-In-Class Business Opportunity

Owl Be There Director Danny Anderson leads a best practices discussion.

With a mission to improve the lives of seniors, Owl Be There’s franchise offering sits squarely in the high-demand senior living consulting space. As the U.S. population ages, this senior placement services business is growing right on pace to meet the need for “Wise Guidance” around senior living and care....

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An Affordable Franchise in a High Demand Industry

Two people holding hands on blue background.

When you review your options among thousands of individual concepts, it pays to locate an affordable franchise in a high-demand industry. That’s the ultimate win-win proposition. Which is exactly why Owl Be There’s franchise opportunity should be one of the top franchise options you consider when you’re ready to start...

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Owl Be There: a Convenient Home-Based Business Opportunity

Mature lady working at a computer at home.

One of the key value propositions of Owl Be There’s home-based franchise opportunity is that our business model lends itself to convenience.

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Become Your Own Boss and Discover the Ways Your Life Could Change for the Better

Business woman shaking hands with a client

For some people in their careers, it’s a never-ending run on the hamster wheel. Let’s face it – they don’t call it the “grind” for nothing. But as we’ve begun to note more and more, many employees are rethinking their careers, especially since the dawn of the pandemic. It was...

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End the Mom Gap With Franchise Ownership

Working mother with teenage daughter.

For many women, becoming a stay-at-home mom is one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Leaving a job for a few years can create what’s known as the “mom gap” in a resume, which can make it more difficult to find their place in the workforce later on.  Franchise...

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Franchisee Spotlight: Meet LuAnn Martinson

LuAnn Martinson an Owl Be There Franchise Owner

In this edition of the Owl Be There blog, we have a special treat. We’re turning the spotlight on one of our most special franchisees, LuAnn Martinson. LuAnn is the owner of Owl Be There Charlotte South, located in the rapidly expanding southern half of North Carolina’s most populous city....

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