Learn About Becoming a Franchise Owner.

Learn About Becoming a Franchise Owner.

Franchisee Spotlight: Meet Owl Be There Owner Kimberly Roman

In this edition of the Owl Be There blog, we have a special treat. We’re turning the spotlight on another of our valued franchisee partners, Kimberly Roman. She’s the newest member of our team and the franchise owner of Owl Be There of Wilmington-West Chester located in and around the rapidly expanding population of the Delmarva Peninsula up to the western suburbs of Philadelphia. We’re glad she’s discovered that Owl Be There is one of the most affordable and best senior care franchises to own.

 We were fortunate enough to schedule a recent visit with Kimberly, which was an opportunity to get to know her better and understand what makes her such a gifted and qualified senior living referral specialist. We also discussed her previous career arc, why she decided to go entrepreneurial, and the factors that helped draw her to the home-based Owl Be There franchise opportunity. Below, in her own words, Kimberly shares her story…

Kimberly Roman, Owl Be There's newest franchise owner.

What was your background/career prior to becoming a franchise owner?

My previous career is tangentially related to my interest in owning an Owl Be There franchise. I’ve enjoyed a successful career in the healthcare space as I’m a registered nurse with nearly three decades of experience in post-acute care settings. As for specialties, I have both clinical and operational know-how with regard to assisted living, home health, and hospice care – which made me an ideal candidate for this wonderful new opportunity.”

Kim Roman, Owl Be There CEO David Greenwood, and Outreach Coordinator Joseph Silver III during Kim's initial training week.
Kim Roman, Owl Be There CEO David Greenwood, and Outreach Coordinator Joseph Silver III during Kim’s initial training week.

Were you always interested in owning your own business? Or did you have a moment of clarity based on circumstances?

It’s safe to say that I’ve always been interested in personal business ownership. Thanks to the experience I’ve gained in nursing and clinical settings, it just felt like the timing was right to launch a business of my own. Among the franchise opportunities that were available to me, Owl Be There made sense, as it will allow me to continue helping others in my own community.”

What drew you to the Owl Be There franchise opportunity?

I did review several franchise concepts in the investigative process, but Owl Be There really stood out from the rest thanks to one key component. You could really tell that this opportunity was a chance to help seniors and their families through what can be both difficult and emotional circumstances. It’s a mission I believe in, and am willing to take on, as a business owner. I could tell that [founders] David and Laura approach this opportunity as more than just a business. Once I learned about the comprehensive training and ongoing support they were offering, it was an easy decision.” 

Founders David and Laura Greenwood recognize Kim Roman as a member of the Founders Circle in 2022.
Founders David and Laura Greenwood recognize Kim Roman as a member of the Founders Circle in 2022.

What gives you the most satisfaction as a business owner? How has your life changed?

Now that it’s real, I’m starting to get excited about providing quality senior care services in my own community. I know from personal experience how hard it can be for families, as they try to navigate care options for their senior family members. I think that my passion for senior care and helping others will naturally come through. I just want to share my knowledge and experience in this space with other families. Because I truly want to make a difference in the lives of others.”

What advice would you share with others who might consider the Owl Be There opportunity?

From my personal standpoint, the Owl Be There franchise opportunity is an exciting proposition for prospective business owners who have a love for helping others – especially seniors. I believe that Owl Be There can provide you with more than just a proven business model – it’s an opportunity to experience the rewards that come from helping other people.”

If you, or someone you know, might be a good fit as a senior placement advisor, we invite you to investigate the rewarding home-based Owl Be There franchise opportunity and our win-win philosophy. You can make a huge difference in the lives of others – and your family’s as well!

All you need to do is fill out the brief inquiry form on our website and let us get to know you! 

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