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Franchisee Spotlight: Meet LuAnn Martinson

LuAnn Martinson an Owl Be There Franchise Owner

In this edition of the Owl Be There blog, we have a special treat. We’re turning the spotlight on one of our most special franchisees, LuAnn Martinson. LuAnn is the owner of Owl Be There Charlotte South, located in the rapidly expanding southern half of North Carolina’s most populous city. Her commitment to providing “Wise Guidance” and senior living placement services extends to nearly two dozen of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the “Queen City of the South.” She and her husband, Skip, are long-time residents of the Old North State, who have two grown children and one beagle-mix rescue pup.

 We were fortunate enough to sit down with LuAnn Martinson recently, to ask her questions about her past career trajectory, how she came to want an entrepreneurial future, and what drew her to the Owl Be There franchise opportunity. Below, in her own words, she shares her story…

What was your background/career prior to becoming a franchise owner?

“Immediately following college, I worked for a national nonprofit education association. I spent 13 years in the areas of membership, marketing and product sales. After moving for my husband’s job, I ended up staying at home with our two kids. I jokingly say I was a ‘professional volunteer’ but in truth, I spent a great amount of my time helping a variety of organizations related to my children and my passions. We became empty nesters in tandem with the pandemic. But just prior to the pandemic I envisioned working part-time, continuing my volunteer work, and increasing my travels. As the pandemic continued to linger, I began an online class to become an End-of-Life Doula. It simply fit with my interests and, of course, the target market of seniors continues to grow.”

Were you always interested in an entrepreneurial future? Or did you have a moment of clarity based on circumstances?

“I didn’t see myself as entrepreneurial, but I was watching a lot of my friends pursue their passions and turn them into second careers. I recognized how they had an increased level of flexibility and control. I knew I couldn’t return to a 9-to-5 office commuting job, nor did I want to work at home all day alone, where I rarely engaged with others. These were byproducts of the pandemic, and I came to realize that I needed to find a balance of working with people and setting my own future course.”

What drew you to the Owl Be There franchise opportunity?

“I didn’t know much about franchising at first. Honestly, I was researching how to set up my doula business and not charge seniors and their families. But then I came across the Owl Be There franchise opportunity, and how it mentioned that its services were free to families. I made an initial call, really just to find out how they were able to offer their services at no cost. I was immediately intrigued, listened to what they had to say, and then decided to continue with the investigative process to see what more I could learn. I also noted that Owl Be There’s mission to improve the lives of seniors was quite similar to my own proposed doula business. That was the initial draw to the Owl Be There franchise opportunity. Ultimately, meeting the team of people behind the brand was the key for me. They really represented the values from Owl Be There’s mission statement.” 

Since you’ve begun your practice, what gives you the most satisfaction as a business owner? How has your life changed?

“I get the most satisfaction from helping families that need Owl Be There’s services. I’m really enjoying the freedom of owning my own business and my new outlook for a work/life balance. I also enjoy that I now own a home-based business, but still get the opportunity to be out and about and meet other people. The key is that you need a real desire to work with seniors and help their families. My life has changed in many ways, but I think the most important part is the network that I’ve found in Charlotte that serves the seniors in our communities. We have a lot of resources in place to help seniors, and I’m fascinated by all of the niche businesses that I can tap into to help my clients. Ironically, I’m networking for my business but this opportunity has helped me establish a personal network of other people who have servant hearts.”

What advice would you share with others who might consider the Owl Be There opportunity?

“First and foremost, you have to have the desire to work with seniors. That same level of desire needs to be present for their families and with the public in general. Whether it’s in-person, over the phone, or via teleconference, you really need to enjoy these personal interactions. As an Owl Be There owner, you’re leading families through an overwhelming process – and there can be lots of different personalities involved. And finally, those interested in the Owl Be There franchise opportunity should understand that they provide you with all the framework you need to run your business, leaving you with the ability to focus on what truly matters – seniors and their families. Truthfully, a year ago I really didn’t know what a Senior Living Placement Advisor was, but now I’m helping seniors and their families in a way that I’d originally envisioned for my own doula-based business.”

To discover the possibilities that come with being an Owl Be There franchisee, all you need to do is fill out the brief inquiry form on our website or contact us at (218) 695-2273. There are eight simple steps in the investigative process that take candidates from discovery to business ownership. If you, or someone you know, might be a good fit as a senior care advisory and referral specialist, we invite them to investigate the Owl Be There franchise opportunity and our win-win philosophy. We’re getting the message out about our game-changing business model, which can allow you to make a difference in the lives of many seniors – and your own family as well. For details, call us at (218) 695-2273 or visit our website.