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Learn About Becoming a Franchise Owner.

Find Your Meaning and Purpose as an Owl Be There Franchise Owner

When the pandemic first hit, we couldn’t have known the ways it would change our ways of thinking and reflection of who we are as individuals, and what it is we truly want out of our careers and lives. But by all accounts, that’s precisely what happened to millions of Americans. We see it quite plainly in the phenomenon known as the Great Resignation. For over a year now, employees have quit their jobs in record numbers. And while many were simply looking for a better opportunity in the same field, a great deal of others decided to pursue a path with more meaning and purpose. 

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In this edition of our bi-monthly blog, we’re going to investigate the meaning and purpose behind the Owl Be There franchise opportunity.

We’re Looking for a Few Good Idealists

As a business opportunity, Owl Be There offers franchise owners a place among our network of senior care advisory and referral specialists. The primary mission is to improve the lives of seniors – and their families – by helping them navigate the choices in a complicated market of options. The goal is to find the best possible solution. You don’t have to be an idealist to choose this path in life – but many idealists who do become a perfect fit for ownership with Owl Be There – an opportunity that is both financially and personally rewarding.

Shared Values Matter More Than Experience

Most franchise candidates appreciate our business model because it’s representative of their own values. Our existing owners and many others involved in the investigative process share common traits that make them a precise match for Owl Be There. They’re often compassionate, caring people, empathetic to the needs and concerns of others. These people are patient, natural-born problem-solvers, driven by an altruistic need to help others when circumstances dictate action. Many of these candidates do have backgrounds in nursing and senior care, but the level of training and ongoing support provided by our corporate office means prior experience is not a requirement.

A Second Act of Your Career

As we’ve noted, many Americans become much more introspective during the pandemic-era. For many, this became an opportunity to pursue their true meaning and purpose – to do what really makes them happy. They simply reevaluated their motivations in life and charted a new course, exploring possible “Second Acts” of their careers. For an overwhelming majority, it came down to a simple calculation. Is this what I was meant to do and be? Such reflection can be a revealing exercise. How might you answer this question?

The beauty of franchise ownership with Owl Be There is the notion that you’ll finally be working for yourself – but never by yourself, as you’ll have the backing and support of our corporate office to help you establish a senior care consultancy of your own. As a franchise owner, you’ll follow our proven business model in your own community. The senior care market is not only thriving but bursting at the seams. The required investment is considered to be on the low-end of franchise concepts, and qualified candidates are currently being offered prime, jumbo-sized territories, the opportunity to join the brand’s Founder’s Circle Advisory Board, and thousands of dollars in discounted fees for startup marketing efforts.

If you’re open to seeking a new and meaningful career opportunity that can make a real difference right at home in your own community, we invite you to investigate the Owl Be There placement franchise opportunity. You don’t need prior industry experience or an educational background in healthcare, just a desire to facilitate our win-win philosophy. Come discover the game-changing opportunity that not only has the capacity to make a difference in the lives of many seniors – but in yours as well. 

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